Welcome to Broadcast Solutions !         


BROADCAST SOLUTIONS SRL offers a complete range of system integration capabilities for broadcasting, audiovisual, telco and government/corporate and media industries in general. As distributor of the relevant manufacturers we supply and support the latest technology covering 100% of the production chain.

ingestionWith technical expertise in systems integration BROADCAST SOLUTIONS SRL has a proven track record in constructing end-to-end fixed and mobile turnkey facilities from design to supply, installation, operation startup and training.
BROADCAST SOLUTIONS SRL provides an encompassing range of services, from complex turnkey broadcast and audiovisual systems builds to simple upgrades, add-ons, and retrofits. We also offer design-only and integration-only services, independent of equipment selection.
BROADCAST SOLUTIONS SRL understands the importance of each and every broadcast system integration project, so we ensure your facility is delivered fully tested and ready to use!

Our Systems projects includes, but are not limited to:

  •        TV Production Facilities and Mobile TV Production Trucks                                                              
  •     Satellite Trucks (DSNG) and ENG Vehicles

  •     Production Control Facilities

  •     Master Control Facilities

  •     Post Production Facilities

  •     Camera Systems (Studio, ENG, EFP)

  •     Intercoms

  •     Newsroom Production Systems

  •     Convergent networking optimized for broadcast

  •     Storage Systems

  •     Contribution and Distribution Networks

  •     Satellite and Terrestrial network including Monitoring Systems

  •     Customized systems and applications